Detention: a web series

The premise: Random combinations of high school students are sequestered together in high school detention. The setting is always a classroom, but the cast can change to new students and new stories. This premise allowed for open casting opportunities and content that was actor-generated and therefore actor-specific.

Our casting pool was the student actors in the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Texas at Austin. This project was self-produced and extra-curricular, but was partly in response to a lack of on-camera training at UT in this period. After shooting 6 episodes and releasing 5, the project became unsustainable without university support.

The creative principles behind this project would eventually be built into an undergraduate class: Intro to Creating New Media.

Episode 5
"Cal, Madison & Andrew"

Written by Josh Tobiessen


Rocket Thrall as Cal

Alison Stoos as Madison

Josh Tobiessen as Andrew

Jeff Britt as Mr. Bittman

Episode 4
"Sofia and Lorena"

Written by Graciela Reyna and Karen Rodriguez


Graciela Reyna as Lorena

Karen Rodriguez as Sofia

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